Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the One Mile Walk like? How long does it take?

A: When you arrive and we check you in with your tickets, we will shuttle your group to the starting point by hay ride. You will walk along a 1 mile path, with a variety of exhibits, while ghosts, zombies, goblins, and all sorts of creatures scare you! It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to complete the full walk.

Q: What are your hours? What if it rains?

A: We are open from 8pm - 12pm every weekend, but the last tour may finish after midnight. Please arrive before midnight. Also, we are open rain or shine, but if weather is too bad, we will post a big red notice on the top of our website. If there is not a notice on our website, you're safe to assume that we're open!

Q: How do I buy tickets your event?

A: Tickets can be purchased securely on our website on this Tickets Page or at the entrance. Purchasing online is probably a little more convenient, but we're happy for you to attend the Haunted Orchard either way!

Q: Do you charge for parking / how does parking work?

A: You can park your vehicle(s) in the grass at the front entrance. Parking is FREE! If you have a Speed Pass, you can skip the line, otherwise with a Standard Pass you will wait in line, and we will pick you up (like a hay ride) and take you to the starting point of the walk.

Q: Where are you located?

A: The Haunted Orchard is located in Bellefontaine, Ohio, just 45 minutes west of Columbus and 20 minutes or so from Marysville. Our address is 1555 County Road 25 South, Bellefontaine, OH 43311. You can find a map with driving directions and more details on our Location Page.

Q: Are there refreshments for sale?

A: For some years/events/weekends the Haunted Orchard offers refreshments, but this is not guaranteed. If we do have refreshments, they can be purchased while you wait in line. There may also be apparel or other products for sale if you'd like to have something to remember the experience.

Q: I've been to the Haunted Orchard before, is it the same this year?

A: The Haunted Orchard typically changes and introduces new events every year. For this year (2017), the Apple of Demise Escape room is returning and we are introducing Laser Tag (Haunted Orchard Shootout)! Beyond big changes, you should definitely come back anyway as we make changes and improvements to the experience every year based on prior year feedback. Finally, we will be trying something totally new this year at the end of the haunt season: we are creating a Haunted Orchard Camp of Fears where you will be spending dusk until dawn with us at the orchard.

Q: I don't like to be touched! Are the zombies, ghosts, and goblins allowed to touch us?

A: Just let us know and we will try to accomodate any special needs you may have! However, know that if there is any touching, it will be very light and not hurtful or too aggressive! Our actors and volunteers are trained to be appropriate!

Q: I'd like to volunteer to be an actor, how do I go about this?

A: Simple, just head on over to our Contact Form and let us know a little bit about why you want to volunteer, whether you have experience, and leave us your contact info and we will be in touch!